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Out of The Box

Dear Readers,

The greatest treasures about writing are the comments from my readers, who relate to my memories, and share their own. My latest Food for Thought, Carpe Saponem, brought other stories home to me: My dear Vermont sister shared her memory. Then my Tampa sister added her thoughts, which brought family, memories and history together.

My Vermont Sister's story: "I have to tell you I loved your time soap story. I have a soap story of my own. My mother was the same way about “special” soaps. Anytime someone gifted her soap she would put them in her basket in the guest bathroom and never use them. I would occasionally say to her why don’t you start using some of those soaps. The basket would be overflowing. She would always reply that yes she would start using some of them. Guess what, she never did. So guess who’s now using hers. Don’t wait too long to use your soap, because someday they might be used up by your daughter. I guess that is the moral to the story. What is it about women and soap? I do the same thing sometimes I’ll save soap for a while and then use older soap that I’ve had for a while. Is it that we don’t feel worthy of the luxury of a special soap? I’m not sure, but I agree, Jayne start using the soap. Author's Note: My sister's mother is 100, and still hasn't used those soaps!!

Tampa sister, Jean's, story: Jean grew up in a small Tampa well-loved home with five siblings, including a household of five women, including her mom, and one bathroom. Add to that two men, her dad and brother. Picture that, dear readers. Here is Jean's memory: "My mom saved soap. She saved slivers of soap. She's put them all together and saved them. But Jayne, she grew up in the Great Depression, just like your mom. They saved string, paper bags, and soap. Don't you think we are daughters of the Depression, saving our soap? We save our slivers of soap." I'm out of the box with my luxury soap. Or not. The Depression lurks in my memory, and I will probably always save soap.. I wish you all a luxurious hot bath with lots of bubbles and soaps, a glass of wine and a good book. Carpe Saponem!

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