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Austin Macauley Publishers of  Raising the Dead and Writing in Wet Cement:
"Raising the Dead is a deep and emotional account of Emeline's introspective journey, with a wholesome, spiritual supernatural angle. An inspirational, assured novel that is sure to resonate with the target audience. The poignant plot, very well-structured, the assured writing style and the events that unfold unveil a strong narrative arc. Ultimately, it is thought to be a worthy addition to the genre sure to appeal to a wide audience." 
The editorial Board of Austin Macauley can confidently state that Writing In Wet Cement was found to be highly personal with layers of intrigue that is sure to keep the reader gripped until the end. The author invites the reader into her very personal pages that reveal the emotion and events of some very private moments. Her work covers many years which are both happy and, in places heart wrenching. The book is well-written and most certainly will have a place in the market.
Mary Lea McKennan, Idaho:
"I just now finished the final pages of  Raising the Dead! Awww, is what I said aloud along with shedding a few precious tears of joy! The characters within this book have rekindled the love in my heart for all of my own friends and family, current and past, who are there to guide us and teach us throughout our lives.. You've done a wonderful job of weaving the ups and downs of everyday life into a heartwarming tale that will strengthen all who read it."
Howard Gordon, Eugene, Oregon: 
"Blew me away! This book was given to me by a friend and when I began reading my first impression was that it was too descriptive. Details,  details, details. As I continued to read I found that these details as the story goes on formed a basis for an intriguing story of thoughtful and surprising characters. It turns out that I couldn't put the book down. I was bounced from sadness to joy to wonder at the author's use of words and changes of mood. I was then flummoxed by the addition of a second story contained within the book which made everything crystal clear. I had read Ms. Lisbeth's previous book, Writing in Wet Cement,  and this one convinced me that there is an upcoming bestseller in the future." 
This book dives into the depths of Ms. Lisbeth’s heart and soul. After starting the book I felt that it was geared to women but as I continued to read, it became clear that the men in this story molded the Jayne of today. As a man with a strong feminine side, I found it incomprehensible that the men in Ms. Lisbeth’s life were stereotypes of the mental abuser. This is partly a cautionary tale for men as well as a tale of the metamorphosis of a person from what I consider a victim to a strong, powerful, confident woman. I will not call Bryant a savior but a catalyst that helped form today’s Jayne. A really great read that gets my five star recommendation.
An incredibly honest and touching memoir of a feminist battling the wrenching challenges life throws her way while struggling with her irrational inner demons that continually whisper, she is somehow guilty. It is a wonderfully written story with a message every woman can relate to!
There were times when Jayne’s book, Writing In Wet Cement, was so true to
events that her words gave me flashbacks. This book is Jayne, her heart and so
many years of her life. Jayne’s experiences amazed me. Traveling into her life, I
had no idea of the many events she went through. I’m happy she’s here to tell
the world. Writing In Wet Cement is a great book and I’ve loved every page.
Jayne has opened the world for others to explore!
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