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Woman's Best Friend: Abbey, May 23, 2020

Womans Best Friend, Abbey


Abbey was named for Abbey Road. That special, iconoclastic era in our lives. The Beatles trotted across Abbey Road full of confidence. Abbey happily trotted into Robin’s life.

She came to Robin as a puppy and barked her way into her heart. When we visited Sacramento Abbey would awaken us at 5am. She jumped on our beautiful guest room bed, announcing the delivery of the Sacramento Bee, thumping it’s arrival at Robin’s doorstep. Abbey hated the newspaper delivery. She was protecting her mom, Robin, from this menacing intruder to her territory. Her barks had meaning. After all, it’s a Westie’s job. She was protecting her mom, her best friend, her Robin.

The years and all our lives changed. Abbey didn’t. She remained constant through heartbreaks and heartjoys. She licked the faces of children and grandchildren and romped in Robin’s homes. She comforted Robin through times of heartache. She celebrated Robin’s most joyous moments. She was there to welcome Robin and Ron home after their wedding in San Francisco. Now, she also had a dad. Ron loved Abbey as much as Robin did. Happily, his feline best friend also became Abbey’s friend.

Years passed. We all grew older. Abbey was now fifteen, and knew it was time to depart, as did Robin and Ron. To say goodbye. Abbey had her last adventure, her last loving hug, her last taste of chicken. She was too worn out to taste her favorite meal, beef stew proffered by her mom, her Robin.

Abbey lay in Robin's arms when the veterinarian arrived. She had never met this veterinarian who would provide Abbey with her final peace. Abbey lifted her head, jumped from Robin’s lap and astoundingly trotted to this savior to bring her from one world to the next.

Abbey departed peacefully in Robin’s arms. She left with her memories, her dreams, her best friend’s love accompanying her, where she had always found the most peace.

Robin, relating this story to me of Abbey’s passing, said, “Why can’t we do this? When the time arrives? Why can't we have such a peaceful passing for one another, for our most beloved family?”

I replied, “I have no idea. That is why we will always have a home in Oregon.”

We owe those we love most in life a peaceful passing.

That is what Abbey taught us.

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