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My UFO Story

UFO Highway, Area 51, Rachel, Nevada

In honor of Halloween and strange unexplainable experiences, I decided to share this life event of 1984, San Luis Obispo, California.

Okay. I admit it. I am one of those people who has seen a UFO. I don’t share my UFO experiences with anyone except my closest friends, who now include my "Food for Thought' blog readers.

Since then, I have enthusiastically listened to any stranger whom I encounter telling a UFO story. I research articles online and on TV. In rapt attention I look for similar details between their stories and mine, as well as mental acuity observations.

I would prefer not to be viewed as a crazy woman. I keep my UFO stories close to my chest. I actually have two UFO stories. My first one, in 1973, took place on a camping trip in Empire, Colorado. That event was verified by sane friends who also witnessed “our” UFO on a dark night at our campground. At a future date I will share this story.

There are a lot of fun-loving, crazy, imaginative UFO stories out there. Not all of them are true. This one is.

I am crawling out on a UFO limb here, encouraged by the July, 2023 Congressional hearings on UFOs, or, the latest term, UAPs, “Unidentified Aerial Phenomena”. In sharing my story with you, my faithful Food for Thought readers, please assume I have a modicum of sanity. As you all know, my 60 years of journals document my life experiences. This story is one of those I breathlessly scribbled into my journal immediately after the event in 1984, in San Luis Obispo, California.

My then-husband and I had recently moved from Sacramento, California to a rental home in San Luis Obispo. The living room had Cathedral ceilings with tall windows encompassing views of our large, vacant backyard.

The kids were in bed. We were watching TV from our living room couch. The windows were on our right as we faced the TV. Those windows framed our large, empty yard. We hadn’t met the neighbors yet, as they were still distant strangers across the expanse of our lot. The TV flickered its images across the darkened living room walls.

Suddenly, the windows were illuminated by a very bright, pink light which was impossible to ignore. At first we thought there was a fire, and raced to the windows to investigate further. We were astounded to see not a fire, nor fireworks, but a pink, pulsating disc hovering over our backyard. With our noses pressed to the window we watched this hovering disc.

The world was completely silent outside our windows. There was absolutely no wind, nor signs of animal life. No exhaust emanated from the disc, which one would expect to see blowing over our overgrown yard, bushes and trees.

Suddenly, as though our discovery had spooked the pink disc and its possible inhabitants, it disappeared in the blink of an eye, evaporating in an instant, faster than a speeding bullet or Superman. It happened so quickly we wondered if we had actually seen this sight. If I was by myself, I could have imagined I was dreaming or hallucinating. However, I was not alone. My then-husband was as shocked as I. He had witnessed the same paradox. This was not a vision. This was real.

I continued watching our backyard hoping for a return of “our” UFO. The yard had returned to complete blackness. No pink lights, or lights of any kind, lit up the night. We backed away from the window and crashed onto the couch, dumbstruck.

We talked back and forth and kept coming to the same conclusion. Nothing could have appeared that instantaneously and departed with such miraculous out-of-this-world speed, as a UFO. With pink lights, no less.

Having encountered my first UFO event in Empire, Colorado, in 1973 with my dear friends, I recognized this outlandish appearance again. What I had witnessed was undeniably, definitely, absolutely a UFO. Once you’ve seen one, you’ll never forget the experience.

We sat, stunned, and discussed at some length what we had witnessed. We agreed we had seen a UFO, but was it beckoning us? Why did it appear in our backyard?

The UFO became a dividing moment in our lives, and, more importantly, in our relationship. A heated argument erupted.

My husband said, “I would have left in a heartbeat if they’d invited me to come aboard.”

I looked at him in absolute shock. “How can you even say that?”

“Well, I would.” was his rejoinder.

Now I was not only shocked but angry to the core. “So, you would leave me and the kids, forever, to get onto a UFO? How could you do so? I could never leave our kids or my family.” I neglected to say, ‘or you.’

“You would just abandon us?” I continued, in astonishment.

He dug in his heels and reiterated his desire to depart our family and our world forever.

“Yes. I’d go.” He calmly replied.

For me, perhaps that was the beginning of the end. A UFO hovering over our backyard had illuminated me with the knowledge that my husband would leave me and our children, his family, forever, departing as instantaneously as this UFO. He would abandon us.

At that UFO moment, I realized this man cared more about his life than me or our children. It was a cold, chilling revelation. Wow.

In retrospect, perhaps I should have been kinder and admired his adventurousness. But, at that moment, abandonment wasn’t admirable.

Perhaps the most frightening, unknown experiences are the UFO’s that appear and illuminate our lives in completely unexpected ways. A different kind of illumination might land not only in your backyard, but on your living room couch.

Would you stay or climb aboard?


For more information on UFOs, UAPs, go to: Mutual UFO Network; Netflix: "Encounters";

George Knapp File: "UFOs: The Best Evidence"; Senator Harry Reed: May 2019 Interview; David Fravor, Naval Pilot Commander: May 2021 Interview; David Grusch, UFO/UAP Whistleblower, July 2023 Congressional Hearings; AAWSAP: Advanced Aerospace Weapon System Applications Program

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