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Getting To Know Me: Book Launch Video

Dear Readers and fellow writers:

I would like to introduce myself to those who haven’t personally met me.

I pay tribute to my wonderful supporters. Your emails, postings on my Facebook page and subscription to my website have filled me with joy and gratitude. In these trying times, to know there are people out there connected through words and memories inspires me to keep writing.

I am excited to share my book launch, Writing In Wet Cement, January 15, 2020 at the Life Enrichment Center, with you all. LEC was the necessary vehicle which drove me down the road to becoming a serious writer. This video was filmed and created by my dear and talented friend, Kelly Hickman.

Another person I must eternally thank, and am forever grateful to is my wonderful, loving and kind husband, Tim Gibbons. Tim launched me into a fresh life when I met him at the Beginning Drawing class at Hillsborough Community College in 1991. The minute I walked into the art studio I knew I’d be changed by this wonderful man’s humor and Puck attitude. His patience, love and ability to bring me from my past to a new world was a life-changing experience. Through my years of writing this memoir, through tears, laughter, rampages and tearing up of drafts he allowed me space and time to become a writer. He is the wind in the sails of our ship through life.

Nye Beach, OR

I hope you all enjoy Kelly’s video of my launch at LEC. This video will allow you to know me personally. After viewing, feel free to email me with any questions:

To view the video, please go to this link or cut and paste it into your browser.

Writerly yours,


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