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                                        Raising the Dead                                      

Emeline Upswatch, a naïve twenty-year-old bride, is grief stricken after the deaths of both of her beloved parents. Marooned in grief, Emeline feels she has died along with her parents. Emeline believes she has made a grave error in moving with her husband, Randy, from her California Delta childhood home to unknown Charles Town, Virginia, 3,000 miles away. She questions her marriage and herself.  In an unfamiliar world and intimidated by her mother-in-law, Emeline is rescued by the appearance of a mysterious older woman, Felicity, who becomes her dearest friend, mentor, and “other mother" with whom she can share her innermost feelings. Unlike Emeline, Felicity divulges nothing about her history or personal life. When Felicity disappears as mysteriously as she arrived, Em is determined to unearth her older friend’s whereabouts and true identity. What she ultimately discovers forces her to question her sanity, world, memories, and newfound joy.

           In her second novel, Raising the Dead,  Jayne Lisbeth cements her reputation as a “sensitive, entertaining and deeply moving writer.”  Her quirky, mysterious, home-spun and loveable characters and Ms. Lisbeth’s painterly prose keeps the reader engaged and entertained from the first page to the last.  Early reviews praise Raising the Dead  as “a deep and emotional account of Emeline’s introspective journey with a wholesome, spiritual, supernatural angle. Inspirational.  A poignant plot, with a well-structured,  assured writing style, sure to appeal to a wide audience.” 


 Raising the Dead and Writing in Wet Cement can be purchased online at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Ingrams Booksellers and local independent booksellers.


Jayne Lisbeth

Story Truth Conjurer 

                  Raising the Dead
            Writing in Wet Cement

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Wednesday, October 18, 12:30-2:00, 

Life Enrichment Center,

 9704 North Boulevard, Tampa, FL 33612

Light Refreshments Served

Friday, October 27, 7-10pm,

The Corner Club, 

1502 Sligh Avenue, Tampa, 33610

Light refreshments served

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I am a writer who focuses on the evolution and distillation of women’s lives, their joyous and painful relationships buoyed by enduring friendships and family history.

After growing up on Long Island, I moved to Vermont, Massachusetts and California, all of which figure prominently in my work. I live with my artist husband in Tampa, Florida.


Facebook: Jayne Lisbeth, Author

Instagram: JayneLisbeth1949

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